How to score auto insurance discounts

Recently I went shopping for auto insurance. I entered my zip code above (wink wink) and then got prices from various insurers. You'll get multiple quotes while making my sponsors happy! "Winning."

Back to me, I ended up staying with my current insurer since the other agents could not touch the price. Most other companies I looked at all were within $200 of each other initially. But that's where the similarities ended. Every auto insurer underwrites risk slightly differently. Just as there are different discounts, there are different ways to get those discounts. Some are not even labeled discounts, like paying your premiums annually (no finance charge).

Other ways to save some mulough on your car insurance:

Well my copyrighter tells me this page is too long already and you'll never read it. I love to prove that guy wrong! Email me and tell me about some other arcane discount I forgot to mention, like farm vehicles used exclusively on on a ranch.

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